Netflix removed due to popular sitcom Community The behind it

Netflix removed due to popular sitcom “Community”: The behind it

“Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” (in German: “Fat Neil Strikes Back”), the 14th episode of the second season of “community” is no longer available at Netflix. The reason: The Chang, played by Ken Jeong wearing a blackened maltes face as a result.

Whether feature films such as “Gone with the Wind”, fiction shows like “30 Rock” and “The Golden Girls” or the late-night format with Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon: News scour the studios, TV channels and streaming providers their libraries racial contents to be provided at least with a warning or remove. However the removed show is still available to watch on primewire streaming site.

The great sitcom “Community” is affected, which (as it would express the Greendale students and the 32nd of March) is available in Germany since April 1 in Germany in 2020 at Netflix.

No “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” more in “Community”

Even before the weekend’s episode “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” was announced that Netflix and the US streaming service Hulu plan (in German it is called, “Fat Neil Strikes Back”) to be deleted because blackface from the offer. Since the weekend, which is now also take the German Netflix.

the episode “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” (in German it is called, “Fat Neil Strikes Back”) because of blackface from the offer to cancel

This happens in the “Community” episode that was removed:

Chang, played by Ken Jeong has disguised as drow or dark elf and painted – this is a race of evil elves from the world of “Dungeons & Dragons” with black skin and white hair.

It is not strictly speaking an African American figure, as represented in the racist tradition of blackface (the tradition goes back to the American theater and entertainment scene of the 18th century back, the stereotype of a cheerful in black angemalte white artists, stupid, African-American slaves embodied).

The problem with the scene

But that can be seen as a blackface the appearance of Ken Jeong very well even discussed in the sequence itself: “Ignore we there just this hate crime,” the Shirley played by Yvette Nicole Brown commented on the masquerade of Chang, whereupon he declared that he plays the Drow (which was for the author of these lines as “Dungeons & Dragons” fan immediately the first association).

The joke, then, is that the panel is not a blackface in the true sense, but looks like this. And the makers were aware of the potential problems of Chang’s masquerade probably aware.

But even if one is aware that a representation is questionable, it does not make it less of a concern. And completely regardless of whether they think this scene funny, many viewers are likely to interfere with it, simply because of the connection to a racist tradition to which they think the sight of painted Ken Jeong.

The decision by Netflix, Hulu and the producing studio Sony Pictures Television, the “Community” episode to remove, can be understood as a symbol against any kind of blackface and racism.

Snake skin became an inspiration to a new generation of shoes for seniors

A few years ago, scientists at Harvard University have copied the structure of snakeskin, to create a robot pinned to the surface during the move, and now used the same patent in order to help older people.

The project is in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and this time takes the form of thin, flexible sheets of steel that can boast a pattern resembling a snake skin. Exactly as in the case of a robot, the invoice has plenty of notches resembling scales (the researchers argue that inspiration Japanese art of paper cutting called kirigami), which at first glance do not see, but when you move the job done. Okay, but how it is to operate in the case of shoes for seniors?

When the foot is flat on the ground, the material stays flat and smooth, but when the user takes a step forward, moving the weight from the heel to the toes, the material opens, releasing husks and significantly improving grip soles to the ground. They do not dig into the ground as hard as crayfish used by the elderly in the winter months, when the risk is greatest fall, so walking is much easier, but the developers ensure that hard enough to protect against slipping. Ba, tests on icy surfaces confirmed the superiority of the new material on the crampons, when it comes to creating friction.

– Falls are the leading cause of death in the elderly, and the second leading cause of death associated with their profession TechSmart. If we are able to control and increase the friction between us and the ground, we can reduce the risk of all types of falls that cost not only lives but also billions of dollars in medical bills each year – says MIT professor Giovanni Traverso. Scientists are ready to sign a contract with companies that would like to take commercialize this idea and are looking for suitable partners, innovative soles so it’s only a matter of time. We have this winter will protect the elderly? There is a good chance, so fingers crossed.


Surveillance also has a good side. The innovative system on the streets you will save lives

Honda has a great and very practical idea to use a lot of eye big brother in the service to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

The automotive giant from the Land of the Rising Sun has created an innovative system to collect important information for drivers, really using technology and data that are available for a long time, but so far no one by taking into account.

While driving around the city, it is on the crossroads there is the largest number of accidents. Therefore on them and near them is the most installed surveillance cameras. They collect valuable data on the car and record every event in the entire 360-degree field of view.

So Honda engineers decided to use the information and send it directly to car drivers. The system operates on a very simple principle. When artificial intelligence detects the camera pictures imminent danger, eg. A red light entering the street and a passer oncoming ambulance or fire truck is in the car, and exactly on the display located on the cockpit windshield, an alert appears appropriate.

In this way, the driver will know in advance about the impending danger and will have a little more time to take appropriate steps to prevent the tragedy. Soon the world will start to rapidly grow super-fast 5G network, which will enable much faster exchange of information between intelligent devices.

The new vehicles are packed with electronics moving on four wheels computers, so why not take advantage of intelligent infrastructure to bring a new level of security in the cities ?! The Japanese have conducted tests with full success of such technology in Marysville, Ohio, and in this example show that you can do it in a simple way and at the same time how effective smart user info.


Authorities on demand? Here you are. The researchers created a mini-human liver

Greater availability of autologous organs will dramatically alter the situation of patients waiting for transplants, and there are many indications that we are on the right track, at least in terms of the liver.

In a fascinating new study, the researchers created a fully functional mini-liver from human skin cells and then transplanted them to rats. It is true that so far is only a proof of concept, but the tests failed to demonstrate that the method is effective, feasible and has a chance to change our future to one where the donor organ will not be needed – I believe that is a very important step, because it proved that is the way to go. You can create an entire body, which is fully functional, with one skin cells – says study co-author, Alejandro Soto-Gutiérrez, of the University of Pittsburskiego.

And the scale of demand is really huge, because in the United States alone on the liver transplant waiting 17 thousand people! In our country it is a correspondingly lower number and in December last year on the waiting list there were 128 people, but it should be noted that the statistics show that a liver transplant is performed at approx. 50% waiting, so a lot of patients there is no chance it live . Hence the search for hope in biofabrykacji organs, which can significantly accelerate the process of transplantation and to reduce its costs. What’s more, the technology can also help patients with chronic liver disease, buying them some time needed for the survival of the graft.

And how such a process of culturing liver? The researchers began by sampling skin cells from volunteers and then reprogrammed them into induced pluripotent stem cell and forced their development in different types of liver cells. Later, they were transferred to the intrinsic liver scaffold, in this case the liver of rats deprived of their own cells. And although the improvement of this method took scientists more than a decade, it’s the same process of culturing liver bioreactors only a month (in the natural environment of the liver maturation takes approx. Two years).

The next step is already a laboratory mini-transplant liver in rodents, in this case mice that were bred as immunosuppressive, ie., Scientists have a guarantee that they do not reject the transplant PREMIUMART. 4 days after transplantation the researchers carried out a section of the animals, to assess how to accept and act transplanted organ – here it turned out that although there have been some problems with blood flow around the transplant, the liver work, as evidenced by the presence of human blood protein studied rodents . At the moment the problem is mentioned short duration of action of transplanted organs, but researchers say that next time we hope to have a long and ultimately human testing. And we’re talking about what dates? Scientists estimate that in 10 years we should have a chance for a new liver.


Tesla is working on a vehicle Loop. Will passengers drove to the airport in LA

Elon Musk companies are preparing to implement the new venture in Los Angeles. Rustic authorities want to improve transportation around the city using the Loop system, the urban version of the technology Hyperloop.

Transport Authority County of San Bernardino announced the approval of the project, very interesting and groundbreaking for companies SpaceX chief. As for the construction of an underground tunnel system Loop. It is a technology transport vehicles on special platforms and people using vehicles resembling small buses. The value of the project is to be for 60 million US dollars and be a better option since the construction of the metro network with a value of up to $ 1 billion.

From the disclosure it follows that there will be two tunnels in both directions with a length of approx. 4500 m. This will be the longest tunnels, that so far the company will build Musk. The plan envisages the construction between Rancho Cucamonga and Ontario International Airport. The authorities want to create a new, efficient transport system for clients airport. A day would travel system Loop up to 1,200 people, and up to a million a year.

Project implementation snowstorm famous company of The Boring Company, which has one tunnel tests in Los Angeles and ends a long construction in Las Vegas. While the idea of ​​transferring transportation under the ground, on which Elon Musk came up a few years ago, standing in a traffic jam, born in pain, however, the billionaire believes that the creation of the first utility system Loop authorities of the other cities in the world will understand that this is the future and will start in investable.

In the Loop tunnels to move not only on special platforms cars at speeds of up to 230 km / h, but also special vehicles Loop. San Bernardino County power to speak of 12-16-passenger electric busses that will move at a speed of 200 km / h. For the moment nothing is known about this vehicle, although a few years there are different renderings.

It is certain that its construction takes some time Tesla needs of the system Loop in Las Vegas. As the tunnel is to be opened there later this year or early next, we can expect that soon Musk will present this mysterious vehicle in all its glory new age tech.

Boring Company The Company already has an order for the construction of Loop system not only from the authorities of the city of Los Angeles and Las Vegas, but also in Chicago. In all cases, the underground tunnels will connect the city center with international airports and to be the fastest and cheapest form of transport for residents. Musk wants to pass the price does not exceed $ 1.


Magrail, or future super-fast train, which will connect the Polish city

The technology developed by startup Hyper Poland is becoming more and more popular not only the Polish government, but also in many European countries. Polish Hyperloop is getting closer to completion.

Capable team of engineers from the University of Warsaw and Wroclaw University of Technology creates two projects, thanks to which travel around the country will not only fast, but also comfortable. One of them is Magrail, the system Hyperloop inspired technology, but based on the existing railway infrastructure.

Magrail will be the first project, which will see its implementation, because the easiest way to implement it in our realities. Later it will Hyperloop. Magrail technology is to allow travel on existing rail infrastructure at a speed of 300 to 400 km / h. The full-scale test is to be built at the turn of 2021 and 2022 years.

Polish project based on a technology called. passive magnetic levitation. This means that in contrast to currently used eg. In Asia magnetic trains, Magrail will be able to levitate above the tracks without a continuous supply of electric power system. Construction of these sections will be very simple and cheap, and most importantly, the whole will be more effective than conventional trains.

Hyper Poland acquired already by the popular British equity crowdfunding platform called Seedrs over a million dollars and another 16.5 million from the National Research and Development Center. Financing will not run out because the government and many businesses depend on to transport in Poland to rise to a new level. In the end, the development of the country depends on efficient transport.

In Poland Hyper project involved a number of world-class experts who have worked in Asian countries, where the built super-fast Maglev. Now move your experience on our soil. Polish engineers represent some of the best in the world the concept of building Hyperloop. They are appreciated by investors, who are increasingly willing to finance the project. Hyper Poland recently became interested in the Virgin Group and Microsoft.

The test section of the turn of the magnetic length of 500 meters will be built under ZMIGROD. This will be an introduction to the development of system concepts and Magrail Hyperloop in Poland. Engineers plan, the first pilot tests of technology invented by Elon Musk starts in 3 to 5 years. Ultimately, the entire route will connect Warsaw with Lodz and Wroclaw. At the beginning it will offer transports goods for companies and courier companies at a speed of 300 km / h and 600 km / h, and ultimately 1200 km / h MobileTech.

Meanwhile, in the case of Magraila, tests are scheduled to start in 2 years. The railway will connect the cities of Wroclaw, Warsaw, Poznan, Szczecin, Gdańsk, Białystok, Katowice, Lodz, Krakow and Rzeszow.


Elon Musk announced that missions to the Moon will be broadcast live and in VR

Elon Musk often translate their project deadlines, but his words in their construction keeps. This time, wrote that lunar missions SpaceX will be broadcast live in HD and VR technology.

American billionaire wants us with the latest technical innovation, able to live missions to the Moon and landing there again the people of the XXI century, that is, as if they took part in them. It all sounds great and kindles the imagination, but these events we will have to wait a few more years link network club. NASA plans to send people there in 2024.

A little faster, because next year, SpaceX wants to send spacecraft tourists, namely 42-year-old Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa and his friends, a journey around the Silver Globe. The flight is to take place in Texas just built a rocket ship and SuperHeavy Starship. The prototype vehicle is to be held the first orbital flight by the end of this year.

Moon mission will be livestreamed in high def VR, so it’ll feel like you’re there in real-time minus a few seconds for speed of light

Musk is planning live broadcasts in VR technology of the new lunar exploration with the help of its built only to the cosmic constellation of microsatellites Internet called StarLink. Probably similar, though smaller, there will also be a constellation around the lunar to provide super-fast, as the conditions of space, access to the first colonizers huge treasury of knowledge that is the Internet.

Although billionaire mentions HD, we can be sure that the return of people to the natural satellite of our planet will be broadcast in 4K quality, as documented by the Americans even 8K or 12K, using the most advanced cameras.


Longer wait for the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope

Unfortunately, all indications are that the US space agency will have to once again postpone the start of the great mission of the James Webb Space Telescope, the successor to the famous Hubble Space Telescope.

Some time ago, NASA announced numerous problems preventing the planned completion of the JWST telescope. They resulted in the mission ratio starting first with 2,018 years the 2019 and 2020 years now and 2021. However, now we come to the next, even sadder news. There is very little chance of starting the mission on March 30, 2021 year Net guru.

GAO says that it is only 12 percent. The point here is not only about the problems in the construction of the device, but also pandemic CoVID-19. For weeks engineers are not able to work in groups, so the work is not taken forward. In such circumstances, we can expect to start again delayed, perhaps until the autumn of 2021 years. Such large changes entail enormous consequences associated with a considerable increase in the cost of the entire project. According to new estimates of NASA, they can amount to over 10 billion dollars.

In a report published by the GAO in January this year listed, among others, human errors, excessive optimism in the planning, complexity of the project and the lack of engineering experience in key areas such as the development visor. The main culprit in this case is a leading supplier of key components for the JWST, the company Northrop Grumman.

Really committed a very trivial errors, such as improper use of cleaning solvent drive components or the use of incorrect wiring, which caused the surge in electronic transmitters. The delay thus increased to 1.5 years, at the cost of approx. 600 million US dollars.

James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is unrecognizable change our observations of phenomena occurring in the Universe. It will be so precise instrument that thanks to obtain images of the first stars and galaxies that formed just after the Big Bang. Also get information about the formation of galaxies and star systems, as well as discover new, friendly existence of life planety.Być perhaps we see some signs of alien civilizations.


The Chinese army has shown in his rifle laser action. No, this is not a toy

A few years ago, the Chinese army began its work on a laser rifle. Now we know that it has such a high power device. Posted movie is a confirmation that the army was not kidding.

The Chinese really already have such weapons, equipment, and it is amazing possibilities of what we can see on the footage released by the soldiers, who had the opportunity to test it in the city of Xian.

As reported by the newspaper South China Morning Post, a laser rifle called ZKZM-500 is developed by staff engineers at the Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Representatives of the army call it laser AK-47, because it has become so common in the army of the Middle Kingdom, as the Russian Kalashnikov.

ZKZM-500 has a caliber of 15 mm, weighing 3 kg, has a range of approx. 800 meters and can fire the laser beams over a thousand lasting two seconds. The Chinese boast that you can use it to cut a man in half with just over half a kilometer, but the film is presented only “burning a hole”. His power is sufficient, however, to the quiet and persistent glare of fire or enemy from a distance.

Chinese-made laser weapon has a mighty power, but it is also powered by standard lithium-ion batteries. All this thanks to an advanced optical system. At least, so they say the Chinese. Price ZKZM-500 was set at 15,000 US dollars. Engineers report that work on increasing the efficiency of the device is still in progress, and new battery technologies are designed to help further enhance its practicality.

The ban on the production and dissemination of such weapons was established by the UN in 1998 tech upgrade. Unfortunately, for a long time is not respected, the best example of that was just the Middle and terrorists, who often use laser systems to dazzle the enemy.