Longer wait for the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope

Unfortunately, all indications are that the US space agency will have to once again postpone the start of the great mission of the James Webb Space Telescope, the successor to the famous Hubble Space Telescope.

Some time ago, NASA announced numerous problems preventing the planned completion of the JWST telescope. They resulted in the mission ratio starting first with 2,018 years the 2019 and 2020 years now and 2021. However, now we come to the next, even sadder news. There is very little chance of starting the mission on March 30, 2021 year Net guru.

GAO says that it is only 12 percent. The point here is not only about the problems in the construction of the device, but also pandemic CoVID-19. For weeks engineers are not able to work in groups, so the work is not taken forward. In such circumstances, we can expect to start again delayed, perhaps until the autumn of 2021 years. Such large changes entail enormous consequences associated with a considerable increase in the cost of the entire project. According to new estimates of NASA, they can amount to over 10 billion dollars.

In a report published by the GAO in January this year listed, among others, human errors, excessive optimism in the planning, complexity of the project and the lack of engineering experience in key areas such as the development visor. The main culprit in this case is a leading supplier of key components for the JWST, the company Northrop Grumman.

Really committed a very trivial errors, such as improper use of cleaning solvent drive components or the use of incorrect wiring, which caused the surge in electronic transmitters. The delay thus increased to 1.5 years, at the cost of approx. 600 million US dollars.

James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is unrecognizable change our observations of phenomena occurring in the Universe. It will be so precise instrument that thanks to obtain images of the first stars and galaxies that formed just after the Big Bang. Also get information about the formation of galaxies and star systems, as well as discover new, friendly existence of life planety.Być perhaps we see some signs of alien civilizations.


The Chinese army has shown in his rifle laser action. No, this is not a toy

A few years ago, the Chinese army began its work on a laser rifle. Now we know that it has such a high power device. Posted movie is a confirmation that the army was not kidding.

The Chinese really already have such weapons, equipment, and it is amazing possibilities of what we can see on the footage released by the soldiers, who had the opportunity to test it in the city of Xian.

As reported by the newspaper South China Morning Post, a laser rifle called ZKZM-500 is developed by staff engineers at the Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Representatives of the army call it laser AK-47, because it has become so common in the army of the Middle Kingdom, as the Russian Kalashnikov.

ZKZM-500 has a caliber of 15 mm, weighing 3 kg, has a range of approx. 800 meters and can fire the laser beams over a thousand lasting two seconds. The Chinese boast that you can use it to cut a man in half with just over half a kilometer, but the film is presented only “burning a hole”. His power is sufficient, however, to the quiet and persistent glare of fire or enemy from a distance.

Chinese-made laser weapon has a mighty power, but it is also powered by standard lithium-ion batteries. All this thanks to an advanced optical system. At least, so they say the Chinese. Price ZKZM-500 was set at 15,000 US dollars. Engineers report that work on increasing the efficiency of the device is still in progress, and new battery technologies are designed to help further enhance its practicality.

The ban on the production and dissemination of such weapons was established by the UN in 1998 tech upgrade. Unfortunately, for a long time is not respected, the best example of that was just the Middle and terrorists, who often use laser systems to dazzle the enemy.


The Chinese have published excellent quality pictures of the far side of the moon

After more than a year, finally we waited for the publication of sensational quality images from the mission lander and rover Change-4, which explore the invisible part of our planet’s surface lunar. Look at your eyes and enjoy.

Chinese Space Agency (CNSA) published dozens of gigabytes of data gathered over the past months by the Yutu rover and lander 2-Change-4. Among them they are not only research data, but also beautiful photographs, obtained from cameras installed on both devices.

Data is so much that their revision will take some time, but we can expect in the near future publication of photographs even more interesting when the work will be the exploration of space enthusiasts who bother to their analysis.

Yutu rover-2 from January 2019 years have already passed a total of 300 meters of the surface of our planet’s natural satellite. On his way there are interesting objects, which the robot took a closer look. Among them are traces of a giant catastrophe that took place billions of years ago on the moon. Thanks confirmed their theories as to the turbulent history of the Silver Globe.

The vehicle also photographed several craters and stumbled on his way to a strange, gelatinous substance. Initially, scientists thought that they are dealing with cosmic molten rock, but now lean toward the theory that it is melted minerals, escaped to the surface of the Moon at the landing site of Chinese equipment by a meteorite impact.

Chinese scientists, as usual, are not too effusive when it comes to information on the research carried out by the device. But because of published data, something on this issue is beginning to change for the better. The government does not hide that he wants as quickly as possible to build the first colonies on the moon and to grow edible plants in them, and also have access to water ice, fuel and create a foundation to start mining the cosmic era.

The Middle Kingdom later this year, will send a mission to the moon as part of a research program Chang’e. In addition to the colony, the government is most interested in deposits of the isotope helium-3. We can safely say that on Earth occurs in trace amounts, because it is only 10 kilograms, so in this respect is very expensive. Just 1 gram costs 100 thousand.

Meanwhile, the Moon is plenty of it. It is estimated that it may be there as much as 5 million tons. Helium-3 is the future of energy. Only 250 tons of helium-3 can throughout the year to meet energy United States. It allows us to create incredibly efficient nuclear fusion reactors and secure ecological, cheap and virtually limitless source of energy for thousands of years Tech Upgrade.